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The Sunshine Kitchen Story

Hi, I’m Kathryn and after travelling the globe, taking inspiration from the food I’ve eaten and the people I met, I put my passion for good food into practice and the Sunshine Kitchen was born!

The ethos behind Sunshine Kitchen is to make it easy for people to eat well, eat for wellbeing, eat for energy and most importantly eat for pleasure!

Whatever you are celebrating, wedding, birthday, party, event, we will deliver vibrant, tasty, nutritious vegetarian and vegan wholefood catering you will love.

Because we believe we are here for a good time and a long time.

“Beautiful food – thank you”
“Just to let you know it was great. Everyone enjoyed it”
“Amazing food!!!”
“Loved it – so tasty”

Stitch Festival

The Sunshine Kitchen brings vibrant, tasty and nutritious vegetarian and vegan wholefood directly to you, your friends, family and colleagues.

Whatever moment or occasion you are celebrating, food from Sunshine Kitchen will be very much part of the celebration. My passion for food comes from bringing friends and family together to share and enjoy tasty, nutritious food that’s packed full of flavour and leaves everyone satisfied. No one leaves without a full stomach and a warm glow! And this passion and intention is in every single ingredient used and every dish created.

Your taste buds will be invigorated by the vibrant mix of flavours, colours and spices and with the feast brought straight to you, you’ll have the time and energy to enjoy every precious moment with your guests.

Food should always be a pleasure. And nothing gives us more pleasure than making food that makes people happy and feel good!

I studied chemistry and my degree not only taught me the very important skill of how to cook (because cooking is chemistry!) but it also gave me an acute awareness of how much dangerous stuff we are constantly exposed to in the modern world.

I had been brought up to eat ‘real food’, not processed, but the more I read the labels on packaging, the more I found it shocking that the majority of foods on our supermarket shelves were filled with toxic ingredients. Once I learned what some of the chemicals used in our food could actually do, I was all about wholefoods, cooking fresh and eating a natural diet.

You won’t find anything nasty in my food. All my food is made from natural wholefoods, no chemicals, nothing processed. I only use good quality, high oleic oils and always sea salt over table salt, in order to maximise nutrition and minimise damage to the body.

My interest in human rights, helping people and just humans in general has taken me to many nooks and crannies of the globe. And wherever I’ve gone, my curiosity and taste buds have always been wide open. My cooking is now a product of every country I’ve been to, every unique and exciting taste and all the joy and sunshine I’ve taken in along the way. From the perfect blend of coconut, tamarind and spice of Kerala to the rich peanut sauce over gooey fried plantain from Kampala and from the intricacies of the wide array of Mexican chillies to my housemates in Buenos Aires who taught me that if food isn’t cooked with ‘cariño y amor’ then it simply won’t taste as good.

Sunshine Kitchen food is unique but its a product of everything I’ve learned and experienced  and it’s always built on the solid foundation of eating well to live well.

We love cooking for big events and get-togethers and hope that my food helps brings happiness and joy to the occasion.

We have cooked for Manchester International Festival, weddings, family birthday parties and community events. We can adapt our menus to suit your occasion, for instance creating a special ‘East meets West’ menu for Stitch Festival. Whatever you are planning, Sunshine Kitchen will deliver delicious, high-quality homemade food to suit you.

Happy eating!